Upcoming performances

By Eleanor Aversa
October 6, 2015 1:35 pm


Update: This concert has been rescheduled for Jan 30. Please click the BNMI link for tickets and info.

In November, Something Gleamed Like Electrum will be performed by the Boston New Music Initiative.  In this score, as in many of my pieces, I give the performers a fair amount of leeway (by contemporary music standards).  I want them to express the programmatic content, play off of each other, and follow the conductor, rather than “execute” the score. So far, the piece has been performed by Second Instrumental Unit, Juventas New Music Ensemble, neoLIT, and the Discovery Players, and happily, the essence of the piece comes across in a similar way every time.  Also in November, organist McEwan Walters will be premiering a new work I wrote based on the Gregorian chant Alma Redemptoris Mater. This is the first organ piece I’ve written where I had access to an actual organ during the composition process.  The various pipe timbres led me to certain harmonies, and the feel of the manuals and pedals led me to certain sorts of polyphony.  It also led me to the conclusion that playing the organ is a serious core workout.

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